Magical Fruit Project

by Nyoka Ny-D

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"Enter Into My Wonderland...Take A Bite"

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released January 22, 2012

Recorded in the Song Room, Philadelphia. Magical Fruit was written, recorded, mixed and produced by Nyoka Ny-D! All instrumental producers are listed as co-producers.



all rights reserved


Nyoka Ny-D Baltimore, Maryland

Born in Brooklyn, New York, nyoka ny-d began her musical journey at the tender age of three years old. Greatly influenced by Hip-Hop, her Trinidadian heritage, including the swift rhythms of the islands, and the Neo-Soul movement. Nyoka has emerged as a versatile emcee, singer, producer, and songwriter. ... more

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Track Name: Magical Fruit (co-prod by Mr. Kooman)
Magical fruit
Enter into my wonder land
Take a bite! Feel it rush through your body yeah
Escape to my world
Parallel, but filled with magic and hopefulness
Love seems so black, feel the sting of its wrath
Its just one of those things
That can make you laugh
Then make you cry
Open wide…
Have a taste, feel the pain erase

Magical fruit
So sweet
Magical fruit
So sweet
Magical fruit

Enter into my fantasy
Take a lick! Feel the pain of my tragedy
Welcome to my home
Warm and kind, but stained with memories and trials
Love seems so blue, feel the spark of its ecstasy
Its just one of those things
That heals like a remedy
Its just one of those things yeah, that causes calamity
Open ya mind…
Take a bit, feel the joy ignite

Fantastic, elated, made it!
My love, I gave it,
delight, I save it...for the light, the life..,I'm making...
Take a bite, its alright, no God forsaking...for saving me, I savor...this taste, elemental flavor...
mixed with a bit of grace...that sooths soul, it’s better than gold...
I’ll give you my heart if you come to my world...what's diamonds and pearls but objects?
I'm a subject of matter, no pop in the disc, success, digest this rawness... Fruit so gorgeous...explore this...encore this...supernatural being...third eye, Tien, seeing without seeing,
Listen, start feeling....
open ya mind, begin, deep breaths, come in, come into my realm...go in...see what's inside...nothing but honesty…climax, feel it right? Don’t it feel so right? Don’t it feel so wrong? Don’t it feel so nice?